Lyme Disease and Corona Virus

Are Lyme Disease sufferers more susceptible to Covid 19?

Presenter Angela Knight speaks to Dr Armin Schwarzbach, Armin Labs GmbH, Zirbelstr. 58, 86154 Augsburg, Germany



Chronic immune suppressed patients like Lyme Disease sufferers are more susceptible.

Lyme sufferers, he says, have a better idea about strengthening the immune system but patients, including those from the UK he has tested for Lyme Disease, usually have viruses as well.

He recommends Stephen Buhner’s book ‘Healing Lyme’ which includes information on powerful herbal antivirals such as Houttuynia, for example.

He gives tips to fight the corona virus using hydroxychloroquine combined with the antibiotic azithromycin.

The virus is in your throat and nose and is highly contagious.

He mentions the Chinese treated acute cases in Intensive Care with infusions of Vitamin C intravenously successfully. Fresh air and ozone therapy can be beneficial as could eating onions and garlic, which are natural disinfections. Drinking smoothies made of celery, garlic, and curcumin.

The incubation period is 2-3 weeks.

Cases in Bavaria are much lower than we’re seeing in America. A Professor in Iceland has found 40 variations of the corona virus with mutations - different sub-species of the virus. The different strains vary in aggressiveness but they said that eventually the virus would be less virulent.

It took China 3 months to recover but now people are coming into China from other countries which is causing re-infections. These people need isolating. It’s important that the UK follows the isolation rules otherwise it will take longer to recover.

Testing is important, Germany is doing swabs and PCR’s but laboratories are getting swamped - carrying out 2,000 a day so there is a capacity problem and the test producers are running behind the development.

Armin agrees that Lyme Disease will be taken more seriously thanks to the corona virus and will change the paradigm in medicine.

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