James Delingpole - Notes

James Delingpole - Notes


James was ill for a very long time and saw several Doctors and Consultants, he “wasted a lot of time and money.”


He had a variety of symptoms: creeping numbness in his leg which moved up his legs,

pins and needles.  He experienced paralysis at night.  He had shooting, tingling and 

stabbing pains in different parts of his body.  He also had unbelievable itching across his torso which used to “drive me mad.”


Brain fog was the dominant symptom, which would come and go.  He also had aphasia and would forget words and the names of his friends.  


Everyone thought he was a hypochondriac because there was always something wrong with him.

He says that inevitably if Doctors can’t help you, you start doing your own research.


He would have symptoms in waves of 3 week intervals - he would get a tingly fuzziness through his body and brain numbness.  His forehead was numb - he thought he was having a stroke or a brain tumour….


He says you very quickly become more of an expert than any Doctor because our conventional medicine doesn’t want to know.  They want to write you off, he says it’s a scandal.  “Almost the worst thing of all is that no-one believes you.”


He thought at one point that he was doomed and never going to get better.


He had a standard Lyme test in the UK which was negative so he then sent his blood to Armin labs (Augsburg, Germany) to be tested which showed he had two types of Borrelia and lots of coinfections.  He was thrilled to get the results because he could prove his illness was not imaginary.  “Then you’ve got your diagnosis - but that’s just the beginning not the end!  There’s thousands of us all over the country who’ve been written off and I fear are going to remain being written off.”


He then went to a clinic in Frankfurt (Germany) for stem cell therapy, which was like a “high end Spa with needles.”  Afterwards, there were definite phases when he felt significantly better but then he went back for a second stage of the treatment.  “I didn’t feel brilliant after that….. I wish I could say stem cell treatment is the answer to curing Lyme but I don’t know.”


He heard about  a woman who had tried the Ray Perrin technique which was very good at treating Lyme and improves the lambic and lymphatic systems.  


James has been receiving the Perrin technique treatment and he says he is definitely much better.

“It has been a life saver.”  


James suggests that Lyme sufferers should be invited by Doctors into their surgeries to describe symptoms and what has worked for them - “everyone has their own route.”  He says education is vital.


He adds that “there’s a big business in discrediting anyone who is successful in this lyme world.”






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