Belinda Harley

Belinda Harley's Books

'Roast Lamb in the Olive Groves' (£25) available from the Hungerford Bookshop, 24a High Street, Hungerford RG17 0NF

Telephone: 01488 6833480  or email 

'Mad About the Dog'  Amazon (out of print)

Notes on Belinda's interview (Episode 2)

Belinda rescued a dog from the island of Paxos, called Goofy, and brought him to England

They both got bitten by ticks and after becoming ill, her Lyme wasn't diagnosed for 10 years

Belinda had gastric problems, brain fog, parasthesia, insomnia and she couldn't think straight

She was referred to several different Consultants, had scans, MRI's and tests but didn't get anywhere

5 years ago she had a huge EM with an engorged tick in the middle of the rash

Last year (2019) she returned to Paxos but was extremely ill and hit a low point

Fortunately, she heard of a Doctor on the island who knew about Lyme because it is endemic in Greece

He treated her with daily B1, B6 and B12 injections and Vitamin D and Magnesium which helped enormously.

Belinda also found the locally grown cystus tea very helpful for the lyme.

Vedic meditation helped her regain some balance and deeper sleep (at the London Meditation Centre)

Diet is important and she recommends good fish, vegetable, fruit, green leaves, garlic, turmeric, and to avoid

 strong coffee, diet coke and sugar - as the spirochetes in the blood feed on sugar.

Belinda recommends asking Doctors if they know about tick borne diseases before receiving any form of treatment

She says that you don't have to be in the country to get Lyme - an old lady in a city tower block with a cat can catch it - from her cat - because ticks can be found in gardens and parks in cities and towns too.



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